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All About Zubaz


The pants, the myth, the legend

When we created the Zubaz pant 26 years ago, we had no idea that it would grow to the level that it did. The classic zebra pattern is one of the first prints that we did and it came to symbolize the Zubaz brand name as a crazy look for people who wanted to "Dare to be Different". Professional athletes, rock stars and royalty all wore the pants that "flew in the face of fashion".

Today, Zubaz are available in a variety of colors, prints and sizes and are still made with the same great quality, comfort and fit that everyone has loved for the past 26 years. As we grow, we'll be bringing back some old favorites as well as adding new products to the line and as always, we welcome our customers input. If you're a first-time customer, we hope you try a pair of Zubaz and think that you'll agree that they're still "the most comfortable clothes on the planet", and if you're a fan from way back, thanks for coming back, and thanks for supporting the Zubaz Nation.

What about that vehicle?

Created in 2009, the "Zubus" is a vehicle that easily sums up the Zubaz attitude and appeal and serves as a mobile magnet to all things Zubaz. It is a priceless icon that is easily recognized wherever it goes.

The Zubus is a 2002 Ford E350, with 232,000 miles on it. It's got a diesel engine that doesn't really care for the Minnesota winters, and its suspension has been known to cause bodily harm for those passengers who get launched from their seats while driving over small bumps or potholes.

The Zubus can usually be found wherever a good time is being had and wherever the public demand reaches a fever pitch for its presence... or wherever we can find a parking spot big enough for it.

Look for it at an event near you and thanks for supporting the Zubaz Nation.